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REALISE – swimwear made in Japan

REALISE  stands for extravagant Japanese swimwear that is simple but sexy.  The collections are made of high-quality fabrics, which often first have to be invented and created by the Realise Fabric Engineers 

A lot of creativity and love for the details, more than 10 years of experience, many years of fabric development and the team in the in-house tailoring department let   these worldwide unique suits become reality!


Concept & design + fabric engineering + manufacturing : „100% made in Japan“.

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Here you can find an overview of REALISE´s current product range.

REALISE swimwear made of EASY STRETCH

Current product range.
2Way Easy Stretch swimwear, the current swimsuit basic series from Realise. 


Current product range.
Stretch Jersey swimwear, the current sukumizu swimsuit series from Realise. 

REALISE SSW (Super Shiny Wet) swimwear

Current product range.
SSW is a series that was discontinued in 2018 and is now almost completely sold out. Few swimsuits of this series are still available in small numbers. According to Realise the SSW swimwear series will be relaunched in the foreseeable future.

REALISE rubberized “hairline metallic” swimwear

Current product range.
“Hairline metallic” rubberized swimwear, the 2019/2020 released SHINY RUBBER swimsuit series from REALISE.

REALISE rubberized “high gloss” swimwear

Current product range.
“High Gloss” rubberized swimwear, 2021´s SHINY RUBBER swimsuit series from Realise. 

REALISE rubberized “3d camouflage” swimwear

Current product range.
“3d camouflage” rubberized swimsuits, the newest shiny chief attraction from REALISE!

REALISE transparent ITALIAN SHEER bodysuits

Current product range.
Italian Sheer is a very stretchy and transparent fabric that is also used for costumes in figure skating. Italian Sheer is the current material for Realise’s underwear basics.

REALISE mesh panel leggings made of Lycra ®

Bathing leggings, half-leg, from Realise´s current product range.