Sizechart for PHARFAITE swimsuits

Pharfaite Groessentabelle sizechart
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T – torso :
Measure vertically around your upper body (complete longitudinal circumference). Go with the measure tape from the highest point of your shoulder through the crotch and back to the shoulder. 

B – bust : 
Take measurement horizontally at the fullest part of your bust line.

W – waist :
Measure horizontally around the narrowest part of your waistline.

H – hips / cheeks :
Measure horizontally around the fullest part of your cheeks / buttocks.

PHARFAITE size range & feedback

Japanese standard sizes : S – XXL
Sand XL : are not available within some styles.
Some products (especially underwear, bikinis and costumes) have one size fits all, but these “onesizes” are described in detail on the respective product pages.

Pharfaite swimsuit sizes are comparable with the sizecharts from Asics and Mizuno.

I have not noticed within PHARFAITE and SCHE/MEE, that the nature of the materials would affect the sizes, such as with REALISE.
The different cuts and styles are also not affecting the sizes.

Wearing examples (Pharfaite, Sche/Mee)

Model 1 (Ricci) : Bust (W) 83cm, waist (W) 66cm, hip (H) 91cm, height 163cm, dress size XS/S (DE34/36)
Pharfaite PF612 (waterpolo cut, GS wetlook): L
Pharfaite PF630 (X-back cut, SGS-wetlook): L

Model 2 (Vanessa) : Bust (W) 92cm, waist (W) 70cm, hip (H) 92cm, height 170cm, dress size S (DE36)
Pharfaite PF630 (X-back cut, SGS-wetlook): L
Pharfaite PF643 (X-back-cut, SGS-wetlook): L
(both suits were a little bit too tight at the chest area)

Model 3 (Thu) : Bust (W) 81cm, waist (W) 60cm, hip (H) 85cm, torso (D) 139cm, height 154cm, dress size XS/XXS (DE32/34)
Pharfaite PF630 (X-back cut, SGS-wetlook): M
Pharfaite PF653 (longsleeved waterpolo cut, SGS-wetlook): M
Pharfaite PF701 (binder-waterpolo, string, Wet Gloss): M
Sche/Mee SM106 (waterpolo-cut, rubberized Black-Material): M
Underwear (was a little too big in some cases regarding: torso (T) and chest (B), especially the one-pieces. Bikinis generally had a good fit) : onesize.
PF528 and PF531 had a good fit. 

Model 4 (Lisa) : Bust (W) 93cm, bra size 70E, waist (W) 66cm, hip (H) 92cm, height 173cm, dress size S (DE38).
Pharfaite PF655 (sukumizu): XL
Pharfaite PF603 (monokini): L was a bit too tight in the chest area.

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